About Cell Therapy Sciences

Cell Therapy Sciences is a UK-based regenerative medicine company producing innovative cell therapies for companion animal and equine use. 

Using cutting edge technology, a pet’s own stem cells are cultured in our specialist laboratory to produce a therapy which is  tailor-made for each individual animal. Cell Therapy Sciences provide stem cells to vets across the UK and Ireland for  use in osteoarthritis, other joint disorders and for tendon and ligament injuries. 

Our People 


Dr Jo Miller BSc(Hons) PhD

Jo has a PhD in Cell Biology, is a specialist in cell culture and has long been convinced that mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) therapies have the potential to improve the lives of both large and small animals.  Jo's in charge of our laboratories - and everything else at HQ ! If you want to know about your samples, need to talk to our cell culture scientists or simply to book in a new case, please contact Jo.

AdiShot (for dogs) and StemShot (for horses) are quality-controlled, culture-expanded stem cell therapies. They require the surgical removal of a small (5g to 10g) sample of the patient’s adipose tissue - using full aseptic technique - which is then shipped to our central laboratory, where the tissue is processed and the regenerative cells isolated and culture-expanded.

During the procedure, each sample is individually inspected and evaluated by an expert stem cell scientist to assess yield, morphology and viability, before being harvested and cryogenically frozen.

All of the logistics and shipping of samples from your veterinary clinic to our laboratory is handled and managed directly by ourselves via same-day shipping and collections services.

Our status as a VMD authorised stem cell culture laboratory ensures that every therapy is produced to the highest standards and quality (ESCCA-006)


Cell Therapy Sciences are associated with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate