CTSL Procedures for Adipose-Derived MSCs (ADMSCs)

The first procedure requires the surgical removal of 5 to 10 ml of adipose tissue, using full aseptic technique.

The tissue is then shipped, together with 25 to 30 ml of whole blood, to our central laboratory where the regenerative cells are isolated and culture-expanded. Each sample is regularly individually inspected and evaluated by an expert stem cell scientist to assess yield, morphology and viability, before being harvested and cryogenically frozen.

The required number of vials of stem cells are then shipped by overnight courier to the veterinary clinic at your convenience, ready to be thawed and injected into the patients joints/tendons.

We retain additional vials for every animal and these can easily be cultured to provide further therapy should repeat injections be necessary.

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All shipping of samples from the clinic to our laboratory is managed directly by CTSL. A telephone request from the vet clinic is required to book your case into our system and to arrange a suitable date for tissue harvest.

At least 36 hours notice is required for the return of stem cell therapies to you.