Mesenchymal Stem Cells can expand, self-renew and control the behaviour of other cells in their environment.  

A naturally occurring, living therapy, stem cells are effectively the body’s own repair kit, acting to modulate tissue inflammation and encouraging protection, repair and regeneration of damaged tissue.

At Cell Therapy Sciences we take photomicrographs every day to guarantee the quality and viability of the stem cells, check their growth rate - and watch them as they divide and move around the culture flask.  

By using time lapse photography, we have created videos of stem cells in culture so that you can see these amazing cells moving, expanding and interacting with each other.  We also hope these videos will allow you some insight into how carefully we prepare your patients’ stem cells : our scientists watch and monitor cell cultures for every dog, to ensure that you receive the best quality moving, dividing, interactive, healthy cells. 

We have included some literature that we find particularly fascinating about how stem cells exert their effects.