A Step-by-Step Guide...

How to obtain cell therapy for your patients


What do you need to get started?
Simply phone to order one of our tissue Harvest Kits - canine or equine.

Transportation and Logistics

  • We organise all transportation and shipping logistics. Please call us to book your patient into our system and to arrange a date for your harvest surgery
  • Our overnight courier service will collect the tissue samples from your clinic on the same day as the harvest surgery
  • Ideally we need 24 hours advance notice prior to a pick-up, but we always try to accommodate shorter notice periods. We can also arrange same-day courier services by special arrangement
  • Once the stem cell injections are ready they can be safely stored in our Cryo-system before being returned to you at your convenience. Please call us to arrange a date for delivery of the stem cells

  • Our standard overnight courier shipments are included in the price of your stem cells and operate on the following week-days:
  • Pick-up of tissue harvest samples can be arranged on Monday to Thursday after 13.30hrs
  • Delivery of stem cells to your clinic can be arranged for cells to arrive on Tuesday to Friday by noon
  • Friday pick-ups and Monday deliveries can be booked by special arrangement.

Post-treatment protocol for dogs:
Rest for 2 days followed by on-lead excercise for 10 to 14 days. Individualised rehabilitatation protocols are also recommended.

Post-treatment protocol for horses:
Each horse should be put onto a controlled excercise regime until the tendon/ligament/joint is fully healed.