Step-by-Step Guide to Cell Therapy Sciences Stem
Cell Procedure

Step 1: Order your Tissue Harvest Kit
Call our laboratory team to order a Tissue Harvest Kit when you have a suitable case - see Case Selection
T: 024 76323217 To request more information about the procedure or discuss your case, please call Christine directly on 07939 587 953

Step 2: Book your patient into our system
All transport and shipping logistics are organised for you by our laboratory and arrangements need to be made in advance. The samples need to be collected from your clinic on the same day as the harvest surgery. Please call our laboratory to arrange a date and time for our courier service to pick-up your samples. We need 36 hours advance notice prior to a pick-up - but we will always try to accommodate shorter notice periods and can also arrange same-day samples by special arrangement.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only pick up of samples on Monday to Thursday; Friday pick-ups can be booked by special arrangement.

Step 3: Tissue Harvest Procedure
Full details of the tissue harvest procedure are included in the Harvest Kit.

Step 4: Same day collection by Cell Therapy Sciences
Adipose and whole blood samples to be packaged per instructions and collected from your clinic reception between 1.30 pm and 5.30pm on same day as the harvest surgery, unless otherwise arranged.

Step 5: Tissue processing and cell culture
Cell culture and preparation of AdiShot/StemShot injection vials will take approx. 14 days + 4 days for full sterility testing. Please call the laboratory directly if you require a status update.

Step 6: Book delivery of stem cell injections to your veterinary clinic
AdiShot/StemShot injections can be safely stored in our Cryo-system until required and are shipped back to your clinic at your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: We can deliver stem cells back to your clinic on Tuesday to Friday; Monday deliveries can only be arranged by special arrangement.

Step 7: Conduct injections of affected joints/lesions
AdiShot and StemShot Cells are shipped on dry ice at – 78 C; they should remain in the sealed box of dry ice until required and must be used within 24 hrs of receipt, unless otherwise arranged. Detailed defrosting and injection procedures are provided when the vials are delivered, but these can be e-mailed in advance if required.

Step 8: Post treatment protocols
A rest period for 2 to 3 days is recommended following all joint procedures. Thereafter, on-lead exercise only for 10 to 14 days plus individualised rehabilitation protocols at the discretion of the vet. Monitoring of response to therapy to be conducted using routine clinical assessments and validated pet-owner questionnaires.

Step 9: Repeat therapy procedure
Spare cells are held in Cryostore for every patient, should additional injections be required. Repeat therapies do not need another tissue harvest surgery – but must be booked directly with the laboratory. This procedure usually will need a further blood sample to be shipped to the laboratory.