Stem Cell Therapy

For when they can no longer
get up to their old tricks…


The use of stem cell therapy for tissue repair and regeneration is revolutionising both human and veterinary medicine.

Culture-expanded, stromal cells are a specific form of stem cell therapy that have been used to treat lameness and joint disease in dogs and horses for almost ten years. Recent clinical evidence indicates that these amazing cells can significantly alleviate pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis (OA) and have been shown to improve structural damage and enhance tissue repair in degenerative joint disease (DJD) and soft tissue injuries. Their role in reducing arthritis pain is recognized by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association and they are included in the pain management protocol for OA in both dogs and cats.

At Cell Therapy Sciences we are utilizing the regenerative properties of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) to prepare clinical therapies for dogs and horses with arthritis and other joint disorders.

We have optimised our therapies to ensure we prepare the very
best cells for your pets and your patients. 

From a small piece of an animal's own tissue, many millions of regenerative cells can be cultured in our specialised VMD-authorised laboratory, using our research-based procedures, which are simple and practical for vets - and ensure the highest possible standards and quality for your pets. Our research has confirmed that the quality and viability of culture-expanded stem cells are both significantly superior compared with  "same-day" SVF therapies and therefore at CTSL we do not supply SVF therapies.

Culture-expanded stem cell therapy for arthritis, lameness and tendonitis in dogs and horses.

Info for Vets

Info for Vets

Stem Cells for your Pets?

Stem Cells for your Pets?

Insights and Evidence

Insights and Evidence

What are the potential benefits?


Reduced pain
Increased mobility
Enhanced tendon repair

Tailor-made therapy
Personalised medicine
for each animal

Stem cells for life
from a single tissue harvest


Quality controlled
Ready to use injection
VMD authorised

Take a closer look...

For stem cell news, latest  scientific data and stories from some dogs who have received cell therapy,
please see our "Insights and Evidence" and "Case studies and Gallery" pages.


At Cell Therapy Sciences we have prepared stem cell treatments for more than 900 pets across the UK.
Watch our video below to find out how we do this - and to meet a few of these cases.


Take a peek at Keeva and Erin's brave and beautiful story. Many thanks to their mum for producing this lovely short film. 


Greenside Regenerative Therapies and Rehabilitation Centre was the FIRST regenerative medicine veterinary hospital established in the UK, bringing together stem cell treatments and other regenerative medicine technology with state of the art diagnostic and rehabilition expertise. Keep up to date with their exciting research and success stories here! 


Recognising signs that a dog is experiencing pain due to arthritis is very difficult; they are masters at hiding their pain. The only signs we may see is that they are slowing down or stiffening up. This poignant video from CAM reminds us  we need to better understand and recognise pain if we are to improve and extend the lives of our pets suffering from arthritis. CAM have developed a range of services to help pet-owners and vets to improve the quality of life in OA.

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